JURY SYSTEM: Is it about time to have it back in our Legal System

As a law student I had always been enamoured by English legal fiction in the form of John Grisham novels and the legendary character of Perry Mason. Later on, I took a shining to Legal Fiction shows such as Boston Legal and Suits to name a few. The two aspects that I found most fascinating were namely, Class Action Law Suits and Trial before a Grand Jury. I have always believed that Class Action Law Suits help bring justice to a large number of people wronged by one entity or organisation, while Jury Trials involve the society while adjudication wrongs against society at large. With a recent Akshay Kumar movie (which also won him a National Award)  “Rustom”, based on one of the best criminal trials this country has ever witnessed, the landmark Nanavati case, the focus seems to be back on the concept of Jury Trials in India. The astonishing part is that most people weren’t even aware that we had a Jury system in our country even post independence. While it is said that the m